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Royal Ropes

Our passion

Bungee surfing has been our passion for many years and is a valuable balance to our everyday life at work or at university. It is a unique hobby which unites friends, sport and nature.

It all started 10 years ago, when an old door, modified to a wave board, was floating beside us during our daily aare swim. We took the board ashore and tied it to an old climbing rope. Kneeling on the board, we could glide from one side of the river to the other. If we pushed the board vertically into the current, we would sometimes jump a few meters upstream.

But couldn't we combine this with an elastic rope to surf further and faster upstream? So the climbing rope became an old bungee jump rope, the old bungee jump rope became a first self-wound bungee rope and the wave board became a normal surfboard. We developed our own idea of bungee surfing and refined our skills in building bungee ropes.


From friends we got first inquiries for bungee ropes. By word of mouth we received more and more inquiries, until we decided to found a limited company and build our own website. Our ropes are in constant development to meet the needs of every bungee surfer. We put a lot of passion and heart and soul into Royal Ropes with the goal of making bungee surfing possible for everyone and making our customers happy.

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